Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Start of a Journey

The Start of  a Journey

Who Are We?

We are two gals, one from the mitten (Michigan) and one from the boot (Louisiana). Currently we both reside in the boot. I, Sierra, am nineteen, still flying on the wings of my childhood adventurism. Taylor, is twenty three, and suffers from a serious case of wanderlust. We are together, and  we have been engaged since April of 2015. We love each other, and we both love to travel. We also have a German shepherd, named Shasta.

Why are we here?

As I have previously stated, we both love to travel, and we frequently watch YouTube videos, read blog posts, or follow other social media platforms that do as well. I wanted to be able to share our adventures, as so many others do, and inspire people to pick up their bags and see something new. 

What can you expect from this blog?

I plan on slowly incorporating more and more to this blog, with posts with travel tips, guides to certain airlines and airports, our favorite experiences during trips - including restaurants, activities, and hotel stays - as well as basic itineraries that you can follow or modify for your own travels. 

Where else can I follow/subscribe to you?

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